“June Peters, You will Change the World One Day” by Alika Turner

“June Peters, You will Change the World One Day” by Alika Turner is about a helpful young girl who has a desire to give to the people in her community. After begging her parents to walk to school by herself, ten year old June comes across a problem in her community that she knows she has to address. Despite her parents’ initial objections, she organizes a day to do just what she was created to do.

The cover of this book is eye-catching and beautifully designed. Though the illustration is colorful and thoughtful, there are some pages that needed more from the illustration. For example: in the beginning, June tries to prove her maturity. As she makes her case, the reader should have seen June in action. The illustration would have given more emphasis to what she was saying and to her ‘readiness’ to walk to school on her own. There are also a few parts in the story where the text did not correlate to the images. It would have benefited the book to slightly restructure the format so that the illustration would closely match the text. I purchased the e-book on Kindle for 1.99 so I cannot comment on the construction of the book.

Turner does a great job of introducing the character to us by describing her as having “chocolate skin,” “curly hair,” and being “as beautiful as the month that she was named after.” She goes on to point out that, although June is smart and wise in theory, she is still naïve and needs guidance from her parents and older sibling.

The story is well written and engaging. It moves at the right pace, though there are a few things that, I feel, were left out. I would love to see June raise money/resources in preparation for her cause. I believe this would add to her dedication and show support from the community. It would also give an element of adventure to the story. There is some fine-tuning that needs to be done to the book but overall, it is a great book for young kids.

For parents of African-American girls, this is the perfect book to promote self-awareness and self-love. It also teaches that regardless of the child’s age, they can also make a difference in someone’s life or even the world! June is kind, determined, smart, and a little daring just like any parent would want their child to be. Turner created a role model for young kids with June Peters.

The paperback version of this book can be purchased for 7.99 on Amazon here 


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